The biggest risks associated with a project are the “unknowns,” including the variable earth component of a particular site or project. Input from Geotechnical Experts can add value to a project at all phases of development, from early conceptual studies to on-site assessments during construction. Early involvement of geotechnical experts can help avoid costly design changes later. More detailed studies throughout the design process can help quantify impacts and prepare the design and construction team to deal with unavoidable subsurface challenges, and design foundations and subsurface building components for safety and stability.

  • We perform subsurface testing in order to gain an understanding of what materials lie beneath the ground as it relates to a potential construction project.
  • We provide design recommendations related to earthwork, foundations, below ground structures, retaining walls, and pavements.
  • We assess risks and impacts to the construction process including groundwater, rock, and unsatisfactory soils.

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