A message from the President—

At Falcon, the bottom line is just a number when compared to the relationships we cultivate both inside and outside of our firm. We are a fun-loving, diverse, and exceptionally talented group of individuals dedicated to serving each other and our communities. We refer to ourselves as the “Falcon Family” because we are much more than a group of professionals working under the same roof. We are a family invested in each other and the clients we serve.

The Falcon is a bird that represents determination, focus, and balance – serving as a reminder that planning, strategizing and staying focused are important not only in our careers, but in every aspect of life. We take a “hands on” approach to everything we do. Through quality service, responsive and clear communication, and a passion for what we do, our repeat clients continue to grow.

With trust and care, we communicate the big picture and simplify complicated matters, empowering our staff and clients to do their best work.

That’s who we are!

Margaret Robertson, PG

Our team