We offer seamless engineering services throughout the life-cycle of a project – from early due diligence to post-construction.

Falcon evaluating the enivornment


Understanding the environmental and regulatory landscape has numerous benefits. It equips buyers with information to help in pre-purchase negotiations. Environmental and regulatory landscape knowledge also helps owners regain or remain in regulatory compliance. It allows developers to understand what is required to move forward in accordance with critical local, state, and federal regulations. Through early due-diligence, we help our clients avoid unexpected fees.

Workers inspecting construction vehicle


The biggest risks associated with a project are the unknowns that may occur, including the variable earth component of a site or project. Early involvement of geotechnical experts can help avoid costly design changes. More detailed studies throughout the design process can help quantify impacts and prepare the design and construction team to deal with unavoidable subsurface challenges, and design foundations and subsurface building components for safety and stability.

Onsite construction

Testing and Inspections

Materials testing and special inspections eliminate unforeseen issues during and post construction; proactively resolving costly and out-of-compliance errors. We provide direct testing of materials and structural components, with on-site observations to ensure construction processes are performed to required standards and materials are installed correctly and safely. Employing these services save subsequent costs throughout construction and ultimately the life of a building or structure.