Understanding the environmental and regulatory landscape is needed to aid buyers in pre-purchase negotiations, to help owners regain and remain in regulatory compliance, and to allow developers to understand what is required for their projects to move forward in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. Through early due-diligence, we help our clients avoid unexpected fees associated with environmental remediation and permitting.

  • We help our clients identify and resolve a wide range of environmental concerns through site assessment, research, and collaboration with owners and regulators.
  • We perform turnkey due diligence services starting with GIS based desktop determinations designed to assist with site selection all the way through to remediating concerns identified during our Phase I or II Environmental Site Assessments (contaminated soil and groundwater, mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint).
  • We provide natural resource consultation, permitting, and environmental assessment for projects that receive state or federal funding or are otherwise required to address streams and wetlands, threatened and endangered species, historic preservation or any other environmental characteristic covered under the National Environmental Policy Act.

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