Last week, Falcon’s Allan Paul, PE, Senior Project Manager, traveled to Tampa, Florida to attend a 2-day masterclass on Pressuremeter Testing. This is a specialized soil test which is considered the “Gold Standard” for foundation design. The test includes pre-boring a hole, lowering a probe, and inflating it. A specialized control unit measures the volume and pressure of the probe and we can develop strength and deformation characteristics of the soil tested.

The two-day class included lectures on the test applications, equipment, and methods. Attendees also heard from Jean-Louis Briaud, who invented and wrote the literature on pressuremeter testing. Field demos were also part of the trip, including a demonstration of the PENCEL, a smaller form factor pressuremeter, which can be pushed or driven in place.

Falcon understands the importance of continuing education for our Staff, and the positive impact it can have on the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients.