Falcon now has a Conquest 100 Concrete GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) System in our “tool box”. This is a non-destructive technology used to locate objects cast within concrete. It is typically a cheaper, and safer, alternative to x-ray scanning which uses radioactive materials and requires special safety precautions.

The GPR can be used to ensure we do not damage concrete reinforcement when taking core samples from existing structures. Thus far, we have used this equipment to assist a Client in performing concrete parking deck evaluations. Specifically, we have located rebar to verify it was placed in general conformance with the project plans, determined the depth of cover, and used the data to selectively demo down to the reinforcing to assess its condition. We also performed a forensic scan for a Client to determine whether dowel baskets used for joint reinforcing were shifted during concrete placement.

Contact us if you are need of services where a Concrete GPR would be beneficial.