Employee Retention

Falcon’s latest article, written by Marketing Manager – Kim Fowler, was published in the Zweig Letter. Below is an excerpt. Read the full article here.


Many firms like to boast, “It’s the people that make our company,” but how often do we really check in with them one-on-one or recognize them for a job well done? The day-to-day grind of pushing out emails, visiting job sites, and getting invoices paid can quickly put us into a spiral of “just getting it done” without giving much thought to the well-being of our staff and colleagues.

When it comes to improving employee retention, consider the following:

  • Check in often.
  • Recognize your employees in front of their peers.
  • Have some fun and be flexible.
  • Build trust and respect.

In a nutshell, employee retention all comes down to respect and providing for your employees. They will quickly become your biggest cheerleaders!

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