Zweig Award

Falcon has won a Zweig 2020 Marketing Excellence Award, placing 4th in the internal newsletter category.

Falcon initiated an internal newsletter in 2017 to provide fun and informative material about projects, clients, and staff to our employees and their families on a quarterly basis. At minimum, our quarterly newsletters typically include a “front-page” piece highlighting a project, client, or staff member; a safety tip; upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries; accomplishments, including new certifications and registrations; baby and wedding announcements; and a “fun” section that may include trivia or a light-hearted question posed to staff with answers revealed in the newsletter. The newsletter is distributed both digitally via email and mailed to employees homes, so families can also get a taste of the Falcon culture.

We wanted to keep the newsletter informative, but fun – not too stodgy or “corporate” in feel. The newsletter was named via a combination of the suggestions given by our employees – “The Falcon Flyer – Your In-flight Update”. We felt this was a fitting title for our message and supported the intent of the newsletter.

About a year after the first issue was distributed, we sent a Feedback Survey to our employees to get a feel for what they enjoyed most about the newsletter, what they thought could improve, and their thoughts on other topics/subjects that could be included. Out of the responses we received, 100% were satisfied with the overall content in the newsletter. Many enjoyed the employee highlights, followed by project milestones and stories.

Falcon is pleased to be recognized for the efforts of our internal newsletter, and look forward to developing many more issues in the future.

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