Soaring Falcon Award_Jake Council

The year came and went, and it was time for us to have our annual New Year celebration. Each year, we get together after the holidays (in lieu of a Christmas Party) to recognize our accomplishments and celebrate in anticipation of the year ahead. It is always a fun time to get together with fellow colleagues, family members, and friends for an evening of great food, fellowship, and celebratory libations.

Our Soaring Falcon Award is given out each year at our New Year celebration to recognize the employee who has gone above and beyond. Our 2018 winner was Jake Council. Jake joined Falcon a little over two years ago and has quickly excelled in his role. Starting as a Field Technician, Jake recently stepped into the role of Laboratory Technician, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our lab. Jake has received many accolades from fellow staff regarding his exceptional work ethic, willingness to learn, and relentless drive to produce quality work. Of the many praises, this comment from one of our staff members sums it up, “Jake came to Falcon with no prior knowledge of his current job role and now has certifications that surpass those who have been in this industry for decades. Jake always seems eager to learn, remains enthusiastic, along with maintaining flexibility.” Congratulations to Jake!

We look forward to another successful year!