Dana Goodnight

Dana’s role at Falcon: Engineering Geologist

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.
I spend time in jail. Surprise – it is by choice not because I am required to be there! I, along with several other men, have the privilege of serving in the Alamance County Jail to provide something of a church service for those who want to attend. Some very lonely and often dejected men are thankful that we would come and share the love and hope of Jesus with them in their need. I count it a privilege to be able to participate in this each week.

Tell us about what you enjoy doing outside of work.
Things that I enjoy outside of work often involve my family. Time spent with my wife, grown children, grandchild or extended family are some of the best gifts of this life. Whether it is hosting friends for fire brick oven pizza, hiking, or playing a good game, all of these are best when done with the ones I love most. However, when it is just me, my favorite things are to explore for geologic treasures and beautiful or rare fossils. I can spend hours out under God’s blue sky looking to find some hidden wonder waiting to be discovered.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
Believe it or not, I actually got paid as a professional, to trek through swamps and wilderness areas hunting for and locating things like diamondback rattlesnakes, gopher tortoises and other endangered or threatened species.

What are three career lessons you’ve learned so far?
Three lessons that I believe have benefited me in my own career are: (1) Learn to love your work rather than viewing it as a mere duty to be endured; (2) work very hard and do the work in the way that you would want others doing something for yourself; (3) try to benefit both clients and coworkers in the way that you perform your work. I believe that this perspective on a career makes everyone’s work experience more enjoyable, profitable, and rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about working at Falcon?
The leadership at Falcon has sought to align employees with responsibilities that best fit their training, skills and interests. As a engineering geologist, I have been extremely thankful and have enjoyed immensely the field geology role that has been given to me at Falcon.

“It’s very clear by the thorough quality of Dana’s work that he is personally invested in his career. He brings a positive hard-working attitude to the job every day and empowers everyone around him to do great work too.” – Jeremy Hamm, PE, Geotechnical Department Manager