Get in touch with Patrick

Education: Construction Management at NC State University
Professional motto: Do it right the first time.
I do what I do because: I love the challenge.

Professional bio
Patrick Clark is a Principal and serves as Construction Services Manager at Falcon. Patrick has many years of experience in the construction materials and geotechnical laboratory environment. At Falcon, he handles the day-to-day operations of the Construction Materials Testing Department including project management, scheduling, and maintaining technician certifications.


Fun facts

My favorite invention of all time is: the automobile.
Life would be a lot simpler if: we did away with smart phones and social media.
My hidden talent is: cooking.
The soundtrack of my life is: The Joshua Tree.
You’ll never catch me: playing tennis.
My first order of business as a super hero would be: curing cancer.
The best place on earth is: any beach in Rhode Island.
My nerdiest quality is: smoking a pipe while reading a good book.
I spend my free time: with family, playing pool and golfing.