Business Development Manager

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Education: B.S. Natural Resources from NC State University
Professional motto: Treat your clients like you treat your friends.
I do what I do because: Its fun and I think engineering makes our lives better in many ways.

Professional bio
Charles Wilkins serves as Falcon’s Business Development Manager. With 27 years in the A/E/C industry, he is responsible for maintaining existing client relationships while also garnering new clients and projects for our team. From iconic multi-million-dollar projects to on-call task order contracts, Charles has contributed to the acquisition of our services for a variety of clients throughout North Carolina. Charles’ ability to build rapport and establish relationships is unparalleled. He has a keen awareness of our clients’ needs – effectively following through in proposal preparation and contract negotiation, and, subsequently, supporting our clients throughout the life of a project.

Fun facts

My favorite inventions of all time: bow and arrow.
Where I see technology in 2060: I see technology taking the place of people which can be a shame. We need to be careful where technology is going and not let it get go too far.
Life would be a lot simpler if: people would communicate better with each other. A conversation goes a long way.
If I were an animal: dog – they live good lives.
The best place on earth is: in the turkey woods in the spring.
I spend my free time: hunting, fishing and with my family.