Get in touch with Allan

Education: B.S. & Master in Civil Engineering, NC State University.
Professional motto: Do your best, be honest, communicate problems as soon as possible, and leave work at work.
I do what I do because: I’ve always loved a good challenge and problem to solve. One specific aspect of geotechnical engineering which I enjoy thoroughly is working directly with natural materials instead of manmade materials such as concrete or steel.

Professional bio
Allan Paul serves as Principal and Senior Engineer within our Geotechnical Services Department. With a Master’s in Civil Engineering and working in the industry since 2008, he is a technical expert with a strong grasp on soil and rock mechanics. In addition to his technical mastery, he is often complimented by Clients for providing creative, yet practical design solutions. He bridges the gap between engineering design and field implementation. In his leadership role, Allan brings a positive attitude with a high level of ethical integrity. He is a patient and benevolent mentor to junior staff members, while also keeping his projects and teams on task.

Fun facts

Where I see technology in 2060: widespread connectivity of electronics (for better or worse). More devices using augmented reality. More powerful smartphones. Better battery technology. Thinner/smaller form factors of electronic devices. In schools, more emphasis is put on understanding how the current technology works. Ideally, fewer touch screens and/or better input/touch devices.
If I were an animal, I would be: Sea Otter
The soundtrack of my life is: the same as everyone else. The music I listened to during my formative years in high school and college.
You’ll never catch me: getting slizzard in the clurb.
You would be surprised to know:

  • I was high school swim team captain for 3 years
  • I will beat you at Dr. Mario on NES
  • I wanted to be Computer/Electrical Engineer before changing majors to Mechanical Engineering and finally to Civil Engineering.

My nerdiest quality is: laughing at a meme where you need 5 to 7 years of meme lore to understand the connections and when someone asks, “What’s so funny?” and I say “Nothing…” because I don’t have 4 minutes to explain how it’s funny.
I spend my free time: going to the gym, playing board games/computer games, spending time with family, and doing home improvement projects.